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What makes us different? We are TRUE In-House Private Money Lenders. We have flexible guidelines, quick and easy closing and a simple streamlined process for our Broker Partners. We charge a flat Underwriting and Processing Fee. Our Brokers keep the points.

Simple and Easy 5 Step Process

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At Lensz Capital we take pride in having one of the most streamlined broker approval processes in the industry. Broker approval is required to submit a loan and approval can be as quick as 24 hours. Once completed, please return to for approval.

Unlicensed Broker*

What’s Required to become a Lensz Approved Unlicensed Broker:
*To become an unlicensed approved broker with Lensz Capital, applicant must be able to prove they have a legitimate business brokering loans. Applicant is required to pass credit and background checks, provide personal and business financial statements and bank statements and be a bone-fide third-party, at arms length to the transaction.

3 Great Reasons to Chose Lensz Capital for your investor clients

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We provide borrowers with access to private capital for investing in real estate It’s the ‘Circle of Wealth.’ It’s what we do!