Lensz Capital Private Money FAQs

Frequently Asked Question

Lensz provides funding for residential, non-owner occupied properties.
Lensz does business in select states throughout the US. Please see our Lending Map to see if we currently loan in your area.
Lensz routinely funds investors in as little as 10 days from start to finish. This can vary depending on the size and type of the investment project.
Our approvals are primarily based on an investor’s ability to succeed. Damaged credit or self-employed is ok.
There are no pre-payment penalties for our Investor Rehab loans, and our Cash-out Refinances. Rental Property loans do have a pre-payment penalty for up to five years.
Our minimum loan amount is $100K.
Yes. Most of our loan programs include the option of funding for property rehab.
Our pricing is fair and straightforward with no junk fees or hidden charges at closing. A good faith estimate of all loan costs will be provided free-of-charge after loan request.
The Minimum down payment is 20% of the Purchase Price. This does not include closing costs.
Yes, Lensz provides Proof-of-Funds Letters to approved Investors with a (1) business day turn around.
The maximum (combined) loan-to-value can range from 60% to 80% of the After Repaired Value (“ARV”) of the investment property, depending on the loan program. The ARV is estimated by averaging recent comparable sales of arms-length transactions in the neighborhood. We typically do not use foreclosures or short sales for comparison, only conventional sales.
Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) is a calculation that helps us determine if a rental investment is generating enough income to make its loan payment obligations. To calculate the debt service coverage ratio, simply divide the net operating income (Rental Income) by the annual debt (Principal, Interest, Taxes, Insurance and Association Fees).
No, Lensz provides commercial only loans that are non-owner occupied (investment) properties.

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